ActiveDuty – Laith Inkley

Laith is always up for a new adventure and he has come to the perfect location. He’s in terrific shape with some ink spread across him and a very thick cock. Laith starts to touch himself and slowly kicks back on our couch. As he becomes more comfortable he slides his clothes off to show his fat hard cock sticking straight up. He grips it tight and strokes it slow showing us every inch he has to offer. Laith is in the zone as he tugs away on that big dick of his. His skin is amazingly smooth and not much hair on his body which means that you can almost see his pink hole when his legs are spread and he’s stroking that fat dick. You can hear Laith start to breathe harder and deeper which is a indication he is going to blow off his built up load all over. He starts to stroke his dick really fast tugging his balls and moaning loudly as his hard dick releases all his cum onto his smooth chest.

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