ActiveDuty – Richard Buldger, Jacob Stax & Michael Stax

The brothers waste no time at becoming Richard nude and stuffing their body fat thick cocks down his throat. Richard is ready for your challenge and also he doesn’t mind going into favorable fireplace. All these brothers face fuck him hard and deep as Richard moves from one brother’s stiff prick to the following. They continue to stuff their tough cocks down Richards rectal throat as they both use their hands to spread his enthusiastic hole open. The brothers spit to Richard’s alluring hole as they laps him profoundly. One brother utilizes his palms while one flip strokes Richard’s buttocks. The Stax brothers also have left that pit ready for their thick dicks as a portion of them pushes slowly deep inside Richard’s tight hole that was open. Richard yells intensely while gagging over one opposite brothers’ cock. Richard is pounded in numerous positions because the Stax brothers create a volcano over him committing each other a glorious high-five. The balls slapping and the mouth gagging make for many amazing audio because they all get closer to their orgasm. Finally, Richard can not take it and also his nuts explode releasing all his assembled cum up on the sheets below him. One Lady blows off his alluring load all over Richard’s bum and one flip lets his load burst all within the back of his mind. Enjoy!

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