ActiveDuty – Troi King – New Recruit

Troi King would like to see if he has what it takes to be a component of the AD squadron and by the depth of his penis we think that he just may match. While he strokes his thick cock slowly showing every inch off Troi stands tall at the room. His chiseled pecks are in formation that is good along with also his balls are smooth like ice hockey. His cock is about as thick as a beer can as he continues to show off it to all to see. His balls dangle in front of the camera because he tugs away on his thick penis teasing the audience. Troi lays out on the couch showing tattoos while and his shaved body rubbing his thick dick. He starts to stroke building up his balls to an incredible climax. Troi strokes his cock a couple days and then eventually he blasts a enormous stream of cum all around the glass table virtually covering the entire thing but what an amount of cum. Enjoy!

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