AlphaMale – Danny Blue & Sam Green

Tall and slim Danny Blue has encouraged newbie co-worker Sam Green over for a dip at the pool. The trouble is that Danny is way too sexy to let a chance slip past. He catches blond and curly haired Sam to create out drops to his knees to show a mouthwatering surprise. Beefy Sam isn’t merely wrapped, he has HUGE fucking balls full of jizz! Danny devours Sam’s big cock while stroking himself ever the cock pig. Eager Sam returns the favor downing Danny down his throat. It is soon taken by the 2 inside where they strip down and continue becoming loud and as nasty as they wish to be. After more taking turns sucking big cock and sucking arm pits nipples, Danny introduces Sam, who rims before trying to slide his slab home the fuckhole and Fingerfucks it with his ass. He does not go in all of the way, but that gives the chance to slobber over the tool a little more, tasting their ass juices onto the shaft of Sam to Danny. This moment, when that fucker home slides, it goes all of the way in and he bare back fucks Danny deep, deep breeding and seeding his ass. Sam brings out to show us the deep hole oozing with cum forth and back of Danny.

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