BadPuppy – Brent and Kyle

We find out from the meeting that Brent Taylor has never slipped, and Kyle Fortune has never bottomed, however for this scene, they’re going to change things up. Brent gets things started by standing up; pulling down his trousers showing that the interview’s dialog was sufficient to receive his penis standing upright. I’rsquo; t even wait to plant his own dick at rsquo & Kyle & m imagining they can;therefore hole. Brent stands around the sofa pulls his shirt off and Kyle woofs down Brent & rsquo;s cock like a dog. Kyle rips off his clothes showing his tight body decorated with a few really interesting tattoos. Brent moves in quickly, swallowing bit of Kyle’s penis; because he keeps trying to get it as far gagging on it. Brent spins Kyle around on the sofa, bends him over and pushes his cock to Kyle&rsquo. Kyle gets a pounding; however he’s got Brent sit down on the sofa and Kyle goes about riding Brent & rsquo; s cock while Brent is pounding at him from below. Kyle both enjoys the thumping and from the appearances of the pre cum drippingtherefore becoming close to cumming. Kyle starts squirting cum and it only keeps cumming and cumming; throughout his tight tummy and chest. The jizz splattered on Kyles torso was. No sooner had he and Kyle pulled apart; he starts squirting thick loads of cum all over Kyle’s stomach cock and chest. When all is said and done, Kyle is coated in cum.

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