BadPuppy – Brian Bonds

BadPuppy – Brian Bonds28 year old, furry, beefcake Brian Bonds makes a return to Badpuppy after four years. This is a solo movie featuring one of the largest dildos I’ve seen anyone shove up their posterior. As the movie starts a telephone call frustrates Brian and should solve some frustration. He reaches back and grabs a thick and long dildo from the nightstand while sitting on the mattress. Getting upon his knees that he pushes some lube onto the dildo places it and slowly starts sitting down onto it. Brian grinds out, getting farther and farther down with each thrust. When he swallows almost the whole thing he starts working it in and out and lies back on the mattress. Brian uses the flip side to knock his cock and if he’s prepared to burst he grabs that enormous dildo, squirts a thick, steamy load of jizz all over it before kneeling up again and again shoving the cum coated dildo right back up his ass.

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