BadPuppy – Florian and Martin

Martin Muse woke up before Florian Richter so, after a stretch, he stands up, pulls on his underwear and goes downstairs to prepare breakfast for his sleeping friend. As he crawls back into bed Martin starts stroking Florian’s face; waking him to a breakfast in bed. It & rsquo; s not wrapped in a yellow peel; but although Martin starts getting seductive with the banana and Florian insinuates that there’s another banana in the bed that he wants. Pushing the food aside, our two young studs get down to a different kind of breakfast. Florian pulls Martin’s shorts down and swallows up every delicious inch of his cock. Behind Florian Martin slides in after a face fucking and slowly pushes his thick cock into Florian & rsquo;s asshole. He fucks Florian’s ass for just a few seconds until he jumps down to where he can give some love to his cock and balls to Florian and pulls out. Martin moves for Florian to roll over on his knees before shoving his cock back into rsquo & Florian;s waiting buttocks. The ass pounding begins but as it starts Florian is on his back, legs in the air with Martin working his tongue between his cock and his hole. When Martin is completed teasing, he mounts Florian once again with his sides running down dripping on to the bed until Florian lets all over his belly, and the ass pounding continues. Martin starts fucking Florian again; but, starts spraying cum all over Florian & rsquo and pulls out;s cock and stomach.

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