BadPuppy – James and Tony

Tony Hall was looking to hookup so he called a friend; James Huck, that just happened to be liberated and incredibly horny. It didn’t take long for James to get to rsquo & Tony;s place and it took even less time before the two were kissing and groping each other on the sofa. The cocks got tough and since the clothes came off, Tony was the first one sucking rsquo & James down. Both go back and forth sucking rsquo & each other;so cock they both begin sucking in the 69 position and if James gets the bright idea to lie under Tony. James came to get some of rsquo & Tony;s ass and he shoves his tongue deep to rsquo & Tony;s hole, making it moist and loose. With a primed hole prepared James shoves against his penis all the way in and starts thumping Tony & rsquo;s bum. Until James is prepared to blow his load, both of these studs fuck in every conceivable position. He pulls his penis from rsquo & Tony;s moves upward with his face, bum and shoots a load of cum around Tony & rsquo; s mouth and face. James reaches for rsquo & Tony;s starts and dick jerking. It does not take long until Tony lets a load of jizz coating his buttocks, penis and s hand & rsquo; James. Naturally, James has to take a flavor of rsquo & Tony;s juice.

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