BadPuppy – Jamie and Tommy

Tommy Hunter had just finished a game on his mobile after boy of the week; Jamie Allen, turns upward for a day playtime. Jamie leans back again on the couch; squeezes his fingers slowly up his ripped abs torso while Tommy kneels onto the ground, pulls out Jamie’s cock and then squeezing his part of meat. Jamie gets his turn sucking and licking his dick; while still at an identical time getting all excited because he wished to ride that thick cock he currently licked. Jamie climbs towards the the top of Tommy’s stone solid cock, slides if he’so ready, Tommy starts pounding from below. Jamie goes from getting his ass fucked even though kneeling over to finally end up on the carpeting at the center of the space, the couch. Since Tommy feels the temptation he pulls out, kneels upward by Jamie’s torso and frees a thick load of jizz all over Jamie. Jamie gives us a creamy finale with his load operating hand and his cock down on his tummy and begins functioning his penis.

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