BaitBuddies – Chandler Scott & Jack Gunther

Chandler Scott used to be straight but then he came to the studio and had is first gay for paycheck and loved it! He’s back for more and this time he’s definitely going to be the one which’s doing the baiting!

Jack Gunther is this week’s straight man! He has toned and tanned body, blue eyes, hair, along with a fat 7 inch uncut cock! Gunther came to do porn at his girlfriend’s petition. Both Gunther and his girlfriend are considering becoming swingers so she thought it’d be a great idea to watch him fuck another woman on screen first.

Caruso has both guys strip down and get tough while he steps outside to check on the female talent. The news is not great if he returns and no woman will show up. If the two guys will have sex with each other, the only real way to generate money is. Gunther was a little reluctant until Caruso offered the money and suggested that his girlfriend will get turned on more by watching him do it with a dude. Gunther agrees to this deal and no time is wasted by Chandler and goes directly for Gunther’s cock!

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