BarebackThatHole – Ray Dalton and Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons and Ray Dalton re-unite after having a chance encounter at a gym, twenty five decades ago. The well-dressed daddies are excited and very eager to get it on and it shows. The Inter Racial bare back couple waste time in teasing eachother as they create out, stripping down and suck on a few H-U-G-E penis. Jack is somewhat thinner and somewhat bigger although these two are about equally matched. Because he is aware of exactly what Jack would like his legs throw up while in the atmosphere. In the event you’r e in rimming, watching Jack Cable Ray’s starburst may get your tongue invisibly. Just how do we know that? Because that has been OUR reaction! However, the warmth doesn’t end there. Jack slides that monster penis right into Ray using spit. He starts fucking. Ray eggs Jack on and we get to visit Ray & rsquo also while fucks wrapped;s ass lips. Jack thrusts, as he brings out nearly all the way into the mind pumping forth and back, revealing lots of lengthslides back in a hot man-hole. Ray devolves from being a bare back top dad to being Jack’s personal bitch, carrying each inch Jack offers, together with his seed. This is non stop bare-backs finest, in porn using two of the daddies!

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