BearFilms – Gene Wade & T. Wilcox

There is nothing similar to a person having a deep, gravelly voice to get the juices flowing, so particularly when it’s just one such as tattooed hunk T. Wilcox. Filled with bigger, bearded Gene Wade, T. All but emotes a demonic possession, his eyes turning back in his head as Gene devours his prick. However, when T. seems like the voice of this devil in The Excorcist when getting sucked, hold out until you see the way he seems when manhandling Gene’s buttocks! Between your tough ass slapping and butt munching, the tattooed daddy’s voice becoming heavier and much more gravelly with every glob of spit and fingerfucking. To stretch Gene outside farther, T. shoves a dildo up the submissive male’s enormous ass then gets him to ride his penis raw. Even the massive dicked top bare-back fucks Gene, which makes him perspiration and moan and squeal like a bitch in heat.

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