BearFims – Chuck Collier & Lanz Adams

Hipster bear dub Lanz Adams enters some dad/boy roleplay with furry gold daddy Chuck Collier. Both begin teasing another with a few breast play producing out and eating the sensitive sprouts. However it& rsquo Lanz who takes the display, rsquo & deep-throating Chuck;s huge dick that is dad, getting right down him to the bottom before rsquo & maintenance Chuck;s large balls. Chuck returns the benefit, even while fingering Lanz, who becomes a slut for dad’s-raw penis, to not be surpassed. That furry pit is devoured by Chuck just like a man. With passion, Chuck spit- Lanz, obtaining him taking on his balls and moist while pushing the starving cub s penis. Chuck is quickly inside Lanz, filling beating Lanz natural and him saturated in dad cock till he fucks an enormous load-out of him. Being rsquo & the dad;s child he is, subsequently assists Throw swing out a great-measured mouth-full of daddy jizz.

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