BoundGods – Jaxton Wheeler & Addison Blue

Welcome Addison Blue into a special holiday Bound Gods upgrade! Addison decides to go to bed early but Santa Daddy Jaxton Wheeler has other options. Jaxton awakens through to the sleeping Addison and determines he’s the ideal present – for themself! Jaxton brings Addison from mattress for a few holiday fun. Addison is jump in leather straps and admits into Santa that he was a naughty boy. Jaxton spanks Addison’s buttocks red and slaps it with a leather strap. Ass stinging, Addison cries in pain and promises he’ll be considered a dirty ass whore for Santa. Santa can’t wait , he even licks Addison’s buttocks in anticipation for what is to cum. Then next Addison is jump in rope and garland. He is blindfolded and every sensation is amplified. Jaxton rams his cock down Addison’s neck and provides him a great throat fucking. Addison gags on dick as he fights to take all of Santa’s big penis. Santa places clover clamps on Addison’s sensitive nipples and tugs them since he utilizes Addison’s warm wet mouth area. Eventually it’s time for Santa to fill his flesh stocking. He stuffs candycane after candycane in Addison’s candy buttocks, delighting in Addison’s moans and squirms. Hog-tied using rope, there’s not any escape using the big beefy Santa and his devious desires. Santa licks those candy canes and spreads Addison’s buttocks lips to respect his handy work. Then Santa gets rid of the candy canes from his boy’s buttocks and replenishes them along with his stone hard cock. Addison yells as Jaxton rides him hard, pounding that warm hole. Jaxton pulls out and blows his load in Jaxton’s mouth area. Then he jacks Addison away to a Christmas cookie and sticks it to him all.

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