BreederFuckers – Chris 8th video

Chris is adamant that he had been born a straight man and will never be anything other than a straight man. We’re going to turn this sexy cunt to a cock hungry bender if we have to break him. His near naked body is tied down to a discipline seat while he wears only a filthy jock strap. We smother his watertight mouth in moist kissed with lots of tongue. He’s turned into a pervy gay fantasy where his fit body is drenched in oil and his gigantic bulge is highlighted. While his body is massaged his dick is manipulated to the point where he becomes completely engorged. Chris trembles in the shame of being aroused by two wicked gay sadists. His legs are tied back to give us a far more titillating view with his arsehole exposed and his knackers on show. His arse is rammed by a big thick dildo so his hole until his hole is dribbling.

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