BreederFuckers – Steve 4th Video

Directly bastard Steve is chained to the discipline bench in a state of panic. His arse is really sore and bruised from all our punishment that he can’t stand the notion that it might be touched. Strapped down there’s no way he can escape our roving hands sliding over his globes that are muscular and probing his anus that is vulnerable. All his fighting and shaking his bum proves to excite us. Adrian whips out his hard on to make Steve confront us turns on. Angry Steve fails to even look at it but Dave whacks his arse until Steve does anything he’s ordered to perform rub his lips all over a man’s shaft and lube him up. His will is broken up to the point where he looks up with his pitiful tear filled eyes. His arse is plundered by Dave while he’s chowing down. With the exertion of deep throating dick and being fucked with a one, Steve’s face goes red with all the veins. He is so desperate that he believes if he simply complies he’ll be published. But now we’ve humiliated the twat we twist him . It requires many firm lessons to teach this dumb bitch to be a cock slut.

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