Broke Straight Boys – Damien Nichols & Michael Boston

Damien Nichols and Michael Boston seem pretty relaxed around each other, and that translates to some alluring laid-back energy as they get to work on each other, stripping and kissing as their lips press together. Michael is the first one with his boxers off and he’s already difficult, putting a few kisses on Damien’s chest and sucking on his nipple before they fall back on the bed, Damien wrapping his wet mouth around Michael’s huge cock. Damien can hardly take half of that gigantic shaft down his throat, gagging on it as Michael lies back and enjoys the show. When it is his turn to drool over Damien’s dick, he grabs it between his soft lips and deepthroats it, working his way up and down that delicious member while Damien gives him a few good spanks and pulls him onto his lap. Michael takes a second to warm up to Damien’s hard cock in him, but he rides it hard and fast, grinding his hips against Damien’s as he rocks back and forth, Damien balls deep and bareback in Michael’s tight little hole. Damien gets Michael on his back and spreads those legs wide open letting him get so deep in Michael’s sore ass, fucking him raw as Michael yells for more of the dick while he strokes his own cock. Turning onto his stomach, buttocks in the air, Michael takes every inch of Damien’s throbbing hard shaft, pulling on his own member until he is shooting his cum throughout the bed and Damien pulls out and busts a huge nut, covering Michael’s back and buttocks with his hot jizz!

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