ButchDixon – Andro Maas & Kieron Knight

Yum yum this is the one our closing from the ‘glory hole’ series and its own is GLORIOUS, as sexy first timer in uknakedmen, big-uncut-cocked- Kieron Knight wrestles with our favourite bearded, red head, Andro Mas, and then fucks his hot, tight, pink hole. And we LUV watching an able top like Andro getting his fuck-hole-stretched and pummelled to a mess – . It was ip-dip-doo time in the glory hole and blessed, slutty Andro could not decide which is the throbbing, uncircumcised cocks to grab so of course the greedy boy grabbed and sampled both before selecting the longest, thickest and juiciest to ‘do a number’ on his arse. Our sexy lads get right down to it, Kieron’s pants are at half mast with his fat, stiff prick sticking out like a sign post. Andro gets that dick every which way, but prefers it doggy style so he can find every inch that hot meat, deeper and deeper stretching past and through chambers and muscles until its buried up to Kieron’s nuts in Andros’ hot body and the two sexy guys are fused like one throbbing muscle of pleasure!!

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