ButchDixon – Ryan Buck & Kieron Knight

Its a little while since we have observed hunky Kieron Knight, we knew him when he was eloquent twink, however you know what we want here at ButchDixon, and today he’s a strapping, stubble chinned stud, and nevertheless too thirsty for rectal dick as ever, and he really knows what he’s performing to please his superb sexy top man – Ryan Buck. Now THIS guy is a lot as you could ever wants, hot levin lady, hairy and hung, packing a tattooed length of a pleasant, tight arse and cock to knock it with. Kieron is luving feeling that burly, hairy body banging his tough arse cheeks into aching submission as he opens up with each uncontrolled thrust of the stiff tool in his hole, yum and yowler (look as though it gonna be a great season) !

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