Chaosmen – 0926 – Valentino & Van RAW

Van has become such a power bottom.

Valentino was ready to fuck and I knew he would like Van’s smooth skin.

The two “clicked” and I think Valentino’s favorite part was having Van ride on his cock. Not saying he is a lazy top, but I think Van was squirming around on his cock in just the right way.

Actually Valentino is a great when he is upright too. He just drills Van…fast..then slow…fast…then slow.

We get to see Van’s open hole too as it braces for another impact. Something I rarely get to film. Valentino is clearly confident with his cock and at what angle he is going in. No hands guiding it in. He just aims his missile and fires.

Speaking of firing, Valentino’s nut shot is ballistic, and the cum play after is amazing!

Van was spent and we gave him a break and let him jerk-off while laying in Valentino’s arms. And by the amount of Van’s load, clearly he was ready to nut too!

Geez that’s a lotta jizz!

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