ChaosMen – Barney & Roman Serviced

Barney convinced was prepared to perform a blow job video. His encounters with guys are jerking-off and swapping oral. It sounds like it occurs infrequently, and he was really excited to mess about with a guy again.

He is somewhat serious and focused at the beginning of the video. Intensely interested as he sees Roman stroke his thick penis.

There is a little bit of a ‘tell’ through this video since you can tell Barney hasn’t been romantic with a guy. No kissing or even eye contact. I can picture what it’s been like when he has messed around with guys. Nothing too romantic.

With that said, Roman was having none of it. He urges him to kiss many times, and it will finally break the ice.

Roman sucks on Barney’s penis first, but Barney seems most happy sucking on Roman’s cock. Certainly, he has some abilities, and is way to it.

Roman rims Barney’s hole for the first time, which appears to bring out even more passion.

Barney provides Roman an wonderful thick facial. This dude cums A LOT! He literally coats one side of Roman’s face.

Roman bust his own load, which is crystal clear and a little hard to view, but I think with Barney’s cum oozing to his eye, most of us can relate.

I actually enjoy both of these guys. Roman is a really lean dude, but he understands what he’s doing in bed, although Barney still has that frenetic power from being turned-on he tries to keep a lid on it. I see a lot of expansion together with him.

I’ve Roman performing a couple more oral videos, and am excited to see him fuck and get fucked. I believe Barney is attempting to return and attempt both too.

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