ChaosMen – Barton & Zane RAW

With Zane back doing movie, I did have a laundry list of men I wanted to put him with, and very high up on that list was Barton.

Both men are big, beefy dudes, and they both love fucking and getting fucked. Zane is definitely the guy, but Barton appears to be more bossy and leads the way.

He begins by sucking on Zane’s cock till it’s hard. Barton fucks his face and then flips Zane on his back. Zane gags on rsquo & Barton;s cock as he tries to deep throat him.

Barton rims Zane, getting his hole moist so that he can fuck Zane. Despite both of these being guys that are enormous, Barton still needed to tippy-toe to hammer rsquo & Zane.

After that, we all sort of decided that Zane would Top the remaining portion of the video. From fucking a guy Zane comes, and I wanted to see Barton cum.

Zane has got dirty boy vibes nowadays, so he licks the cum for Barton’s hole, giving him one final cummy kiss!

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