ChaosMen – Bronson & Lorenzo RAW

Bronson really took some time and thought into coming back. On doing more with a 8, he wavered. I don’t think whether he can do it, money was a factor trying to establish. However, when he committed, he said he was 100 percent sure.

He is very utilized to being photographed and filmed naked, so that was not the issue. Only the nerves about sucking a cock for the first time and staying tough.

I put him with Lorenzo since he’s the most laid model model, and their body dimensions matched. And Lorenzo is amd he adores the notion of those guys exploring for the first time together with him.

We start simple with Lorenzo giving him head. It took some effort while Bronson would look around the room at the porn playing or me to get him hard to Lorenzo. I told him get dominant and to make Lorenzo his bitch. I think that is what triggered his penis.

With girls, these guys know they may be bossy, but with a different guy, they just aren’t sure what role they will need to get into. However, having him take control actually worked great.

Lorenzo gets him to stand and sucks on his cock. Bronson sucks on Lorenzo, and yes, you could tell it’s his first time. Tons of sessions between sucking. I’m relieved Bronson got over this limit, and from this point forward I think at sucking on dick, he will improve.

Bronson was really right down to kiss, and it’s alluring to see him throw some energy in it. Though, he was not quite prepared to try out rimming. Lorenzo was eager to lick at rsquo & Bronson. It tickled Bronson a little, which gave me visions of a dude fucking Bronson. We could only hope!

As for Bronson fucking Lorenzo, he had been a champ. He clearly has a great deal of sex skills, and fucks like ace.

Bronson readily fucks the cum from Lorenzo, then quickly paints his hole with his own load. He is similar to Lorenzo, in that he could cum pretty much a gift in porn that is always valued, on command.

I really like this movie. It has &lsquo time’ charm, but some specialist fucking that pulls you in and makes you want to cum along together!

And damn, that Bronson is a hot ‘lil fucker!

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  1. Not impressed.Thought it would be hotter.Same old same old.

  2. I wish you would use only gay men for your photo shoots. Using straight men who just have sex for money makes these videos seem fraudulent. Straight men cannot feel the same sexual, emotional or intellectual commitment with other men than a gay man can

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