ChaosMen – Cypher & Timmy Serviced

Timmy loves the Edge and massage table themed videos. He actually wants to be in the seat or on the table, having someone service him which makes him cum. Unfortunately, he is frequently working with new guys, who aren’t super proficient or aren’t prepared to suck on cock.

But with Cypher stating he loves to only service guys, we decided to get Timmy at a seat and let Cypher love sucking on his big cock. Timmy sits back and has serviced by Cypher. His big cock fascinates Cypher, and so is trying every maneuver to Timmy.

He gets Timmy’s legs in the atmosphere and hungrily rims his hole. While he is eaten by Cypher out Timmy strokes his cock.

Then, Timmy has Cypher stand and rewards his Boy by sucking his cock for him then rimming his delicious butt-hole.

Timmy sits back in the seat and he jerks a massive load directly into Cypher’s mouth. Cypher gobbles it up.

Cypher than jerks his own cock, getting himself close that Timmy can take over and pull on a load from him.

This turns Timmy on so much, that he stands and dumps a different load on Cypher’s chest! Cypher massages his prostate to help his buddy shoot on his second load.

Timmy was VERY horny that day!

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