ChaosMen – Dani deMuse & Nathan Cruise RAW

I love when I have two models that can’t even keep their hands off one another until the cameras start recording.

This is Dani’s first full-sex scene and he had been worried that he might not have chemistry with his or her partner. Thankfully he had been blown away, and even Nathan had been really happy to own a gay guy who just needed to fuck his brains out.

Nathan had originally wanted to assist a straight guy even though Nicholas Duff was only that, he realized that it had been missing a few passion that yet another gay guy could grant him.

And there is plenty of passion here!

Dani seems amazed at how far he scored a hot boy to control and take charge of, while Nathan was happy to give up play and control into his passive nature.

If you like videos where the models are into each other, this video delivers!

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