ChaosMen – Garth Serviced (By Bryan)

I figured you guys would like Garth, and I knew Marathon season was fast approaching, so on to the massage table he went!

Garth filmed his peep, and was VERY skeptical that he could play with another dude, let alone get hard. I assured him the table is really the easiest way to do a Serviced video.

Sure enough, his cock got hard with just some ass rubbing.

We shot most of the video, then when I stopped to take a few action shots, Garth informed me that he can’t cum from a blow job.

Now normally I take this under advisement, but kind of dismiss it. I hear it a lot. But usually they say this BEFORE even entering the studio, not AFTER having been stroked and sucked professionally for 15 minutes.

So I myself suddenly had doubts. I figured I would try some real fast stroking, then follow it up with some intense sucking. I kept the entire process in, pushing the video over 20 minutes, but I think viewers who enjoy massage table or even Serviced theme, tend to like it best when the guy is made to cum.

Anyway, he was pleased, I was pleased, now I hope you all are pleased!

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