ChaosMen – Jayme and Zane Serviced

Not so certain what order Zane’s videos will probably appear on the website, but that was his very first video straight from a very long hiatus. The large beefy Texas boy has grown well! He has all of his body hair, and thankfully, still is just a huge dude, but looks slender. His beard is now sexy, and also that bush framing his ‘ole penis is just a joy to behold.

When trying to locate some one nearly as tall as Jayme, that at 6’8″ is going to become a hard match height-wise, I figured Zane’s 6’4″ will at least give him a run for your money.

Both guys have been just a little nervous getting started. Zane was nervous while Jayme was being filmed at the very first time with a guy because of just being straight back on set.

Zane starts by blowing Jayme, who has a downward angle that Zane worked like a pro. Ever since his time at ChaosMen, he has been dating men therefore he plays full-time on Team Gay. It shows in his experience degree.

When Jayme captured on his knees to suck on Zane, he hungrily went at it, and it took us all by surprise. He’d said he had only one real adventure with a guy, but we’re left wondering if he finally discharged his inner homo, or whether that was true.

He even makes Zane almost cum, and I abandon that moment at as just a little precum starts to dribble. I re-direct Jayme to lick at his balls, and Zane cocks goes right down a bit, giving him a break from almost busting.

Zane then rims Jayme’s hole, then hungrily eating him out while yanking his prick. Jayme goes from being tickled by Zane delight at having his bum eaten-out.

Because Zane is very simple to earn cum, we got him seated upright therefore Jayme could suck and suck on a lot out of him. He gets him very snug, but Zane catches their cock to push out the load, as he is cumming. Jayme recovers back the cock, fighting to jerk on the last of his load out. Jayme licks the cum up from the sensitive head of Zane.

Then it had been Jayme’s turn to nourish his new load to Zane. Instead, he literally lays his load right in to the mouth of Zane, and then jerks his cock for a little. It is possible to view a bit squirting in he gives him a mouthful. Zane jerks on some cum from his penis, and spits it back on his penis.

Both guys do an incredible work, and it seems that Jayme has got hardly any limits with regards to playing with a guy!

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