ChaosMen – Jesse – peep

Jesse is obviously a Brooklyn boy. Pretty sure he plays on the All Boy Team, but I never did get that confirmed.

I am basing my guess on just how nice his solo is. He filmed it himself, and he hits all the right notes. Stroking his cock slowly, showcasing it and teasing the camera. Unlike the straight guys, who never seem to know what to do during a solo, he is smooth and thorough.

He gives us some nice bed-humping followed-up with some very up close and personal shots of his pink hole. His asshole is perfect, and made me want to see a cock in there! Mine! So I think Tops will love the extra ass showcasing.

Jesse even had some ChaosMen porn on his phone. He does mention it, and I was dubious about it, but I could hear the audio and sure enough, that was one of my movies. It was great to see the video spur him on to splat out a nice load of jizz.

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