ChaosMen – Nikolaj Rapid & Wright Serviced

Nikolaj is a quiet guy, and that I believe Wright believed this was his first time with a man. Wright engages him a little, attempting to relax him asking him around sucking dick before. Thus, I think Wright was a little surprised that Nikolaj had past experience.

But had he awakened with an uncut cock before?


Wright gives him some tips for stroking his penis. Nikolaj feels a little absurd, however, strokes his new friend’s dick.

After Wright starts sucking Nikolaj’s prick, he gets a lot more serious. Wright has gotten extremely good at sucking dick, also Nikolaj was excited to show-off his very own cock-sucking skill. Nikolaj does a fantastic job, so I am glad we don’t have that obstacle to get over.

They joust their own cocks, then 69 suck every other.

Wright even rims Nikolaj’s gap, though the angle was a little awkward. Progress to Wright!

Both guys race to cum on each other’therefore cocks. Nikolaj cums first, squeezing out a great load. Wright performs with catch-up, then moments later he readily blasts his jizz around Nikolaj’s cock and gut.

Wright scoops up all the cum and jerks their cocks together, creating a great sticky mess!

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