ChaosMen – Valentino serviced by Kristopher

Valentino is pretty easy going when thinking about working with a guy. He is straight but has done the whole gay-for-pay thing.

He was willing to get ONLY his dick sucked this time- just to see how the video goes down. Sometimes I think they put limits on what they will do, only to test me to see if I will honor them as other people have not respected their limits.

We usually map everything that is going to happen, and occasionally the model or models will push their limits. Those are always fun, but I try to stick to the plan.

I think Valentino was looking forward to just kicking back and getting a really good cock sucking!

And DAAAAMNNN…Kristopher’s dirty talk always gets me going! He is so into it, and every time there is fat cock, he is doing his best to deep throat it!

We even get some nice rimming out of Kristopher who then later takes on the challenge of jerking Valentino’s plump cock to ejaculatory victory!

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