CockSureMen – Landon Conrad & Leo Domenico

Landon Conrad is helping assist the porn shoot with Leo Domenico. Leo is hanging out on the bed playing on his phone when Landon drops in with some paperwork to fill out. The guys exchange some friendly chit chat while Leo signs on the dotted line. Leo, not so accidentally, drops the pen when handing it back to Landon. Landon gets down to pick it up and Leo drops his towel, nearly smacking Landon in the face with his rock-hard cock. Landon hesitates about a 1/2 second before going down on the monster. Leo is eager to return the favor and makes sure Landon gets some oral lovin’ of his own. The guys get comfortable on the bed and continue to got at each others’ long rods. Landon kicks his legs up and begs for Leo to fuck him. After a giving Landon’s hole a warm tongue bath, Leo happily obliges. Landon screams in ecstasy and Leo pumps his ass full of uncut cock. The action runs hot and the energy is high as Landon continues to get pounded with Leo’s thick dick. Landon Conrad is the first to cum, splattering his tight stomach while still getting fucked by Leo. Leo Domenico blasts Landon with a huge load, covering him from head to cock with his sweet cum.

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