ColbyKnox – Christian Bay & Jack Hunter – The Adventures of Batman and Robin – Part 2

As we last left our hero, Robin had been subdued and drugged by two of Gotham’s hidden thugs. We take a trip to the mind of a sidekick within this exciting episode of Batman and Robin (A ColbyKnox Parody) Robin relives the last conversation he had with Bruce prior to being caught and taken prisoner. It was a morning just like any manor. Breakfast was being served by Alfred while Bruce, Played by Jack Hunter has his coffee and starts his day. Dick Grayson played with Christian Bay is currently pressing Bruce on what appears to be a continuing issue within their partnership. Speaking of partnership, we all view a side of the duo we haven’t noticed before. What happens when the matches are off? ColbyKnox shows you exactly what happens. Obviously Christian Bay starts Jack Hunter’s day by sucking on his dick. Both then proceed to take turns fucking each other in their tight superhero holes that are hot.

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