ColbyKnox – Colby Fucks Eli Lincoln

Colby Fucks Eli Lincoln: By the very first time Colby Chambers saw his model application, he had been looking forward to working with Eli Lincoln. Eli’s perfectly proportioned bubble ass had been on his mind ever since. This gay porn video release from ColbyKnox starts with a great deal of casual fun with the boys. Spanking, tickling and even a little bit of footplay. Doesnt take long though before Colby starts to concentrate in on which he actually wants. Even while Eli is sucking his huge hard dick, he cant seem to keep his hands from it. Or his fingers from it!!! After Colby zeroes in on Eli Lincolns beautiful plump peach of a bum, things begin to progress a little quicker- with Colby hammering off and Eli moaning and loving every minute of it, then dont be surprised if theres more than the standard one per model cumshot in this!

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