ColbyKnox – Eli Lincoln, Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox – The Perfect Shot

The excellent Shot: It’s always a struggle for models and crew alike to help keep their hands off each other till call time. Especially when the models save up their loads for two and three days occasionally. Eli Linocln’s scene spouse is overdue so Mickey Knox decides to go ahead and get some outside stills of Eli while they wait for him to show. Eli catching Mickey making eyes in the take. When they both start to get hard, it is not to difficult to figure out where it’s going. A couple of minutes afterwards and Mickey has Eli bent over the patio using his tongue deep in involving his plump buttocks thighs. He plunges his hard prick inside of Eli after Mickey gets Eli Lincoln’s tight warm hole sexy, hungry and wet. Mickey mounts Eli right there around the patio and rides the hell out of him til they both escape into the home panting. The two dont waste anytime moving back to it to the couch and out of the sun. Mickey proceeds to fuck Eli till neither of them is able to hold out any more and let loose two big, wet, hot, sticky loads. Catch the aftermath of their misdeeds and they finish on time for Colby to walk in the room. Hopefully Eli can perform an encore, should his scene spouse arrive….

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