CorbinFisher – ACM – Barron Bangs Beau

This event begins with Beau putting Barron through his paces on the baseball diamond, as they compete to see who can round the bases quicker. When they get back to the house sweaty and worked-up, Beau still seems to be in control, since Barron worships his feet before eating him out to the sofa!

Beau is rapidly becoming one of our most talented bottoms, and Barron can’t even wait to bend him over and head to town. At one stage, Beau gets so excited while taking it doggy style he pre-cums so hard we almost thought that he busted a nut just from getting pounded!

Both Barron and Beau’s loads wind up around Beau’so hot, furry abs plus they make out passionately because they come down from their orgasms and we’re simply happy to have been able to watch!

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