CorbinFisher – ACM0961 Kellan

Aside from being tall, dark and handsome, Kellan has a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. He keeps his thick muscled body in shape by running or swimming if he can find a pool. Since he obviously likes water, I figured we’d start him out by sending him to the shower!

Kellan gets a grin out of Pete’s question about why he’s wearing clothes in the shower. He quickly gets his shirt off, giving us a look at his beefy pecs and tight abs. Kellan does almost everything with a smile, whether it’s flexing his muscles or measuring his dick for us.

Kellan can also bounce his pecs, which he happily demonstrates for us. While he admits he gets a lot of compliments on his chest and his ass, he thinks his best feature is his smile. When something tickles him and Kellan laughs and shows that smile, it’s hard to argue!

He rinses off, slowly grabbing his cock. Water drips down his body. Kellan rubs his meaty pecs and his abs. His hair looks even better slicked back and wet. Kellan may need to stay in the pool or shower all the time!

Kellan grabs the soap and lathers up his cock and balls. He focuses intently on it, stroking his cock. He soaps up his ass and rubs that delicious ass while playing with his dick.

Once the water washes the soap off, he starts jerking in earnest. Kellan’s cock sticks straight up. He pulls on his dick harder. He sits down and strokes faster.

He blasts a thick load! Three days worth of cum shoots back onto his abs. Kellan smiles again as he says he felt amazing while busting his nut.

Be sure and catch Kellan’s full-length interview on Pete’s Attic today!

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