CorbinFisher: ACM0981 – Cameron Conquers Rudy’s Ass

First Cameron came to CF. Then he saw Valerie and fucked her. Now, this popular stud is ready to conquer, as he becomes the first guy to penetrate Rudy’s virgin ass!

I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am Cameron is back. Not only was he popular with fans, but his personality is so outrageous, that he amps up the fun level of a scene exponentially.

And, oh yeah … he’s a little hot and sexy, too!

Rudy lucked out to have this enthusiastic hottie be the one to fuck him first. Cameron’s setting the bar pretty high for future guys! And both guys do an amazing job, considering Cameron’s never been with a guy before, and Rudy’s never bottomed. But both guys perform like champs!

Cameron admits he was pretty nervous after he did his solo last year. But he liked us and now he’s back – with a vengeance! Rudy says he’s nervous about bottoming for the first time. But once the guys kiss the nerves fade away.

Things are playful as they flex for each other. It heats up quickly after that. Rudy sucks Cameron’s big dick, taking it all in his mouth. Cameron feeds Rudy every inch, and Rudy strokes his cock.

Cameron returns the favor and sucks Rudy’s stiff dick. He holds Rudy’s nuts as he sucks Rudy’s cock, then strokes it. Rudy’s dick looks bigger than ever, he’s so hard. I can’t tell if it’s from the blow job or the anticipation of having Cameron in him!

The guys kiss again and stroke each other. Cameron kisses Rudy’s shoulder and it’s clear he is not nervous about anything anymore – only horny!

Rudy gets on all fours. Cameron works his dick slowly into Rudy’s tight hole. It’s a thick cock, but Rudy is anxious to take all of it.

Cameron smacks Rudy’s ass as he pounds him. Cameron’s own bubble butt flexes enticingly as he drills Rudy. I think we have to get Cameron to bottom at some point, as well!

Rudy loves the feel of Cameron inside him.

He starts pushing back against Cameron, taking his cock in even deeper.

Cameron fucks Rudy from the side. Rudy strokes his cock as Cameron drives his cock into his ass. Flipping Rudy onto his back, Cameron shoves his dick into Rudy hard and fast. Rudy tells him to go slower, so Cameron thrusts in and out purposefully.

Rudy blasts his load all over his abs. Thick spurts of cum cover his stomach. Cameron pulls out and shoots his cum into Rudy’s mouth. Rudy slurps up every drop off Cameron’s dick. Cameron feeds him the rest off his fingers.

The guys shower off and tell Connor about how much fun they had. Cameron describes a possible tattoo for his dick and jokes about what would happen if he and Connor got together. Sounds like a great pairing.

Who would conquer who in that matchup?

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