CorbinFisher – ACM0988 CF Unlimited – Kenny Fills Justin’s Hole

Here at CF, our CF: Unlimited updates mean you have to expect the unexpected! Anything is possible with CF: Unlimited, and today, it’s some no-holds-barred, poolside action with two of our cutest guys, Kenny and Justin to kick off a week that will be full of hot, hardcore action!

Justin is getting sunburned. Once they get out of the sun , and Kenny starts rubbing in sunblock, their thoughts turn from getting into the water, into getting into Justin!

Kenny kisses his way down Justin’s torso, paying special attention to Justin’s luscious nipples. He sucks on Justin’s hot cock and balls, making Justin moan with pleasure. Kenny goes up and down Justin’s shaft. Justin pushes Kenny’s head down so his cock goes even deeper down Kenny’s throat.

After Kenny strokes their cocks together, which makes Justin even harder, Justin deepthroats Kenny. Kenny loves how great Justin’s hot, wet mouth feels on his dick. Kenny eats out Justin’s ass, spitting on it and driving his tongue in even deeper. Kenny enjoys eating that hole so much, he can barely stop for a minute so he can shove his cock inside there!

Kenny teases Justin’s ass with the head of his cock. Justin wants it badly, so Kenny slides it all the way in. Justin tells him how good it feels. Kenny moans with ecstasy as he buries his cock in Justin’s tight ass. He spanks Justin’s ass, which makes his ass clench even tighter around Kenny’s cock.

Justin tells Kenny to fuck him hard. Justin’s on all fours, and Kenny loves to fuck doggy-style. He fills Justin’s hole with his long cock. Flipping Justin over to fuck him missionary-style, Kenny pounds away, going even deeper.

Justin slaps his cock against Kenny’s ripped abs. Kenny jackhammers Justin’s ass, fucking him furiously. The guys kiss and Kenny now wants Justin to ride his cock. Justin climbs on top of Kenny and grinds down against his cock.

Kenny drills deep up into Justin’s tight ass. Justin shoots a thick load all over Kenny’s abs. Kenny pulls out and cums. His load doesn’t seem to stop coming! He gets drenched in both his and Justin’s cum.

Now they’re definitely ready for a swim!

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