DawgPoundUSA – This Ass Is Mine – Rio and Larenz Taste

When one of those Dawgpound Gym Boys declares This Ass Is Mine, what’s a hot, tight-bodied, bubble-booty, brutha using a mega-watt smile to perform? Then you give this up, if you Larenz Taste. Check Rio tatts, pierced nips, big dick out, Larenz dropped the drawz and Rio obtained that tongue all up in Taste. A profound taste of Taste, Hell yeah! These two were all over each other, slurping on these big dicks, eating up ass — it’s man’s work for certain. But, Rio arrived into fuck. Fantastic thing Taste’s booty-hole was fine and moist. The long slice of Rio ain’t simple to take, but he made him enjoy it — real good. Yeah, Taste shouted. But, in addition, he said, “Fuck me harder!” It’s the Dawgpound, we do dick and ass right

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