DreamboyBondage – Emerson Palmer – Smooth as Silk part 7

After being stretched over the torture table by both 80-pound weights attached to his wrists, Emerson regains enough strength to pull up the weights and relieve the strain on his shoulders and chest. He soon tires and allows himself to be extended again. Jared loves putting boys the pain can be shifted by them, or delay it, but it always returns. If that weren’t bad enough, Jared simultaneously slices rsquo & Emerson;s chest and stomach with the whip. Then he dims the lights and leaves. “See you in the morning,&rdquo shutting the door to the dungeon behind him. The boy is left to suffer in so much pain, for hours, his asshole sucks up the steel dildo entering him. In the morning the dildo is removed and Emerson is douched and fed. Then he’s bent over a horse that is cushioned and flogged and spanked until using his master & rsquo;s dick shoved down his throat.

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