FetishForce – Domination Diner Scene #04 – Jaxton Wheeler, Lance Hart & Eli Hunter

Lance Hart and Jaxton Wheeler lead Eli Hunter onto the primary floor of this diner. All three are naked and Eli gets pushed down onto the floor. He studs that are thirsty along with the other two are ready and hard to get Eli to suck on on their dicks. Jaxton wants to teach a lesson to get fucking an order of pies up earlier in the afternoon to Eli, and pies are grabbed by Jaxton and makes each one is identified by Eli, as his prick slides deep into the buttocks of Eli. After a proper identification, Jaxton smashes the pies over Eli’s head each. He’s covered in cream, crust, and filling from behind, as Lance remains beating. ‘Say ‘I really like pie!’ ,’ Jaxton orders to Eli because he rubs each of the flavors into his mouth and continues smashing them on his face. ‘ I really like pie! ,’ Eli responds. At the close of the ass pounding from Lance and the face smearing from Jaxton, Eli can be just a wreck. Lance did himself and pushes his own jizz. Lance’s creamy filling’s flavor gets Eli willing to dismissoff. He dumps his load all over the floor to mix it in with the shrapnel from of the hills that are destroyed. ‘Clean up this shit by your self,’ Jaxton commands, as Lance or she he leave Eli to handle the wake of most of the fun that is carbonated.

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