FrenchDudes – Kevin Sportswear & Illy Ria – Rendezvous In the Basement

Kevin Sportswear and Illy Ria are neighbors in the building. Kevin saw Illy heading down into the basement and followed him down for a “chance rendezvous.” As the action unfolds (rather quickly), I get the feeling this isn’t their first time (wink).

Kevin and Illy take turns on their knees sucking each others cock before stripping down. After sucking face, Kevin kneels down to bury his face in Illy’s ass. Being his first time on FrenchDudes, I have to say I like this Illy guy. Beautiful cock and balls and a sweet looking tight ass… play nice Kevin, move over and share! 🙂 Kevin pulls Illy’s cock back to suck on it a bit while tending the rear door and now it’s time to find out if Illy knows how to fuck.

It doesn’t take Kevin (or us) to find out that Illy has done this dance more than once. Bracing himself against the wall, back arched and butt poked out, Kevin bangs that sweet ass while Illy strokes himself. Gawd I love watching Kevin fuck an ass. The cameraman moves “down under” to get us a close up of the action as Kevin’s cock pounds in and out of Illy’s ass. That’s one mean “helicopter cock” Illy!

With Kevin still pounding away, Illy can’t hold himself back any longer and blows a big thick and creamy load all over the floor. Kevin then sits down on the stairs where Illy sucks a bit, then Kevin strokes a bit. We all know how this ends, don’t we? And “thar she blows mate” all over Illy’s shoulder and chest.

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