FrenchDudes – Max Lacoste Casts Teddy Lyon

Teddy Lyon has an audition today with Max Lacoste to see if he has what it takes to become a porn star. This is one audition I certainly won’t miss! Teddy Lyon is one sexy young guy and no better way for Max to find out if he has what it takes than to give him a “screen test.” Let’s see what Max thinks when Teddy gets done.

We start out with Teddy giving Max a blowjob on the couch. Max does a little face fucking to see if Teddy can handle a little rough play as he thrusts harder and deeper into Teddy’s mouth. A few slaps on Teddy’s cheek with Max’s stiff cock certainly won’t hurt. Having checked out Teddy’s oral skills, it’s now time to see if he can handle a good fuck.

Teddy leans over on the couch as Max slides into the “home base.” Max gives Teddy’s ass a good pounding driving his cock in deep. Thrusting harder and harder, Teddy never wheeps or complains. Looks like Teddy has come prepared. While Max continues to pound his ass, Teddy reaches down and grabs a hold of his cock and strokes much to the delight of Max and all of us.

Max changes up the position laying Teddy back in the chair for a while. Yep, Teddy can take it missionary as well. It seems as though Max likes taking Teddy’s ass doggy style standing up though. Again, Teddy reaches down and starts jerking his cock faster and faster as Max pounds away until he blows a big thick creamy load. Teddy has my vote for sure! Then Max settles back on the couch and strokes one out and shoots streams of cream up to his chest to conclude this sexy audition.

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