FrenchDudes – Rod Malek & Martin Clause

You know how sometimes you just want to be alone with your thoughts with nobody else around? Well, that’s the mood Rod Malek was in. He went to the old abandoned house to get a way. Unfortunately for Rod, Martin Clause, an older man from Spain was there and stumbled across Rod. You know what’s really bad? I understand more Spanish than I do French. Regardless of whether you speak it or not, you’ll have no problem understanding the body language and especially from the domineering Martin.

It’s clear Martin wants to have sex with Rod whether you understand Spanish or not and Martin has that “cocky bad boy” manner about him. I guess when you look as good as Martin, you can be a bit cocky. As we watch the scene unfold, Martin takes charge asserting himself. At first, it’s clear that Rod just isn’t that keen on having sex at the moment. Once Martin starts eating Rod’s ass and gets him in the mood, Rod spreads eagle bracing himself against the wall. Then we get to see this little pig boy bottom at his best. Martin bangs that ass hard and fast, then stops and grinds his hips all the while with Rod grunting and panting.

The positions are never ending, from Rod up against the wall to Martin’s back against the wall, then Rod bent over on the ground. At one point, Rod looks at the camera with the look of a VERY satisfied man. The two finish up jerking themselves while kissing and Martin blows first all over the ground. Watch this, don’t blink! Martin cums AGAIN in less than a minute. Martin then demonstrates his gentlemanly side by sticking around kissing and coddling Rod’s balls while he jerks.

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