FS – Head Play – Ryan Rose & Skyy Knox

Ryan Rose is an adventurer in a virtual universe looking treasure and when he finds out what he’s searching for and averts a booby trap, he’s cornered with a crafty hunk using virtual superpowers, Skyy Knox. In the blink of a eye, Ryan is tied into a tree and he decides to take a taste of this hunky specimen in front of him, before Skyy takes the coveted treasure. He receives Ryan out of his trousers to get a bulging set of tighty whitey briefs waiting to be researched. Skyy gets on his knees to support the stud and doesn’t waste a moment getting Ryan’s amazing cock. Skyy offers up his back doorway for Ryan to input after getting Ryan tough as a rock. Ryan is still tied into the tree because he gets Ryan as deep within him because he could, therefore Skyy does the majority of the job. Ryan takes over as the dominant force and operates his way free to keep on pumping Skyy. The sexual art of Ryan is like nothing Skyy has ever experienced. With Ryan implanted deep within him, Skyy lets move and covers the ground. Ryan sees the forest floor get soaked and decides to finish off on Skyy’s face. He aims to his hungry mouth and pulls out of Skyy. Skyy shares his reward to exchange Ryan’s sweet love. Anything could happen in this universe of intrigue and double-crossing, and when both are vulnerable and nude they learn their lesson the hard way.

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