FS – Hidden Palms – Pierce Paris & Jake Ashford

Jake Ashford is lounging at the hot tub when Pierce Paris jumps in to combine. Both studs barely share a glance till they meet at the center and start making out. To satisfy a bit of curiosity, their hands move down south to give each other an extreme rub. Jake is the first to cave if he releases Pierce’s monster in the hot water and gets to work sucking the young stud. Jake is great at giving head and it shows when Pierce gives way to moans of ecstasy. Pierce loves every slurp from Jake, who’s working really hard to find every inch of Pierce to his mouth. Pierce is prepared to give Jake a flavor and bends the hunky jock over to lick at his perfect ass. After a satisfying rim job, Pierce decides to give Jake a sample of his own dick sucking abilities. Jake moans out as Pierce gobbles the swollen member. Jake needs a dick in his mouth to finish the job and gets back down facing Pierce, who promptly fills Jake’s mouth with cum. After Pierce’s big finale, he shows Jake his appreciation by opening wide to let Jake’s sperm hit his face and then run down his chin.

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