HardBritLads – Damian Boss And Justin Harris

Dominant, hung, hairy Damian Boss and Justin Harris work up a sweat in this scorcher of a scene with hot face fucking and deepthroat, horny arseplay, and extreme hard fucking! Our lads begin with kissing and groping. Damian lifts Justin’s best, revealing a body. He licks on his nipples while still massages and eliminates Damian’s sports vest the throbbing stiffie at the shorts of Damian. Justin drops to his knees and pulls on Damian’s shorts down, giving us our first glimpse of that thick uncut 8-inch cock pushing against the fabric. Justin strokes and licks at the head, then eventually pulls on down the undies. He begins to suck on Damian meat and opens his mouth wide. Justin will deepthroat and is a talented sucker however Damian’s thickness is a challenge. He gets deep but not really all of the way. Thus Damian fucks his mouth, shoving his cock deeper and producing Justin’s eyes water. Damian slides down to kiss him then gets back on the floor, working his way down Justin’s hot body, until he receives to Justin’s tasty looking cock. Damian sucks keen to delight his hottie, sucking him. He even lets Justin fuck his head however, being the horny top that he is, Damian nudges Justin’s head back down to his cock. They shift to a 69 position. In this place, he can suck watching that thick shaft is SO horny and deeper! Justin chooses the whole course until his nose is at Damian’s hairy balls, as he gets accustomed to it. With both lads aching to fuck today, Justin’s smooth gap is fingered by Damian. Justin leans against the sofa, legs apart, before shoving his dick in halfway, extending it open, then shoving in of the way and his pit teases. Damian begins to fuck, slow at first, but shortly fucks quicker and harder. As his arse requires an extreme pounding, Justin can not resist playing by himself. The lads then proceed to the floor, Damian onto his back as Justin sits, slipping his hole down the whole length of the 31, carrying his cock up. He fucks himself then leans forward to kiss Damian, who thrusts his meat, pulls them apart, and grips his sleek buttocks cheeks. It’s really graphic and insanely! For the place, Justin is on his trunk. Damian kneels and facilitates back his dick into that hungry hole for one last, extreme fucking. Damian does not allow him go, although he licks and licks the toes of Justin as he begins to jerk himself off, unable to return as he works up a sweat. He leans over to get an even deeper penetration and exercises deep, taking Justin to the edge. Neither could hold back any longer and, as lb off, the spunk begins to fly. The jet is really strong the spunk lands on Justin’s shoulder, followed by various spurts of thick cum. Damian pulls out and quickly shoots such a highly effective load, spraying Justin with jet after jet of his hot sticky jizz, also as equally lads grab their breath, then the spunk simply keeps on coming as he milks increasingly of it from his still throbbing meat.

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