HardBritLads – David Circus & Ken Ten

Fit young hottie David Circus and hung mixed-race stud Ken Ten have pleasure in a hot passionate oral session. Our studs start wearing glistening sports shorts. They feel of each others fit bodies, as they kiss. David licks Ken’s cm, moving down his hand into the white shorts of Ken and rubbing his bulge. They kiss some more, and Ken reaches inside David’s shorts. David’s dick is pulled by him out the side of the shorts and we watch its soft and thick. Ken jerks him. David leans over Ken and pulls down his shorts, showing a solid and thick, throbbing 8-incher. David holds up this in the base, licking and sucking on the head that is huge. It’s really a meaty penis as he attempts to suck heavier, managing to get roughly halfway and David’s mouth really stretches. Eager to move Ken grips his head firmly and pushes down, making David take. Wanting to get sucked himself, David lets his dental skills are demonstrated by Ken and leans back on the sofa. Ken takes hold of David’s penis, and makes it wet swallows the whole thing with some deepthroat, making David moan. He lets his mouth is fucked by David hard and so fast. David gives still another sucking to Ken, and Ken stands. David opens wide yet again, gets on his lips, and gets back to some very hot actions. He contrasts between jerking and sucking off Ken and manages to suck. Ken fucks his mouth a bit sounds he can’t stop himself. David stands, and lets as he takes each of David’s prick down his 22, Ken demonstrate his profound throat. Some close ups out of Davids point of perspective, looking down as the entire period of his penis moves in and out of Kens mouth. Here really is some great suck! At a position that is final, both move in his or her sides. Both are really throbbing with this point, and also we now have amazing top angle shots of them sucking on cock. After some action that is seriously, Ken stands David stays up, Ken subsequently pushes his fat dick back to David’s mouth and also David sucks as he jerks himself off. It’s not long until Ken takes hold of the dick to beat till the jizz spews over David’s mouth and face. He squeezes every last drop out, before pushing his dick back to David’s mouth then lets David lick off the cum. David can’t hold away and as he jerks off, his penis spurts jet after jet of hot spunk all of the way up his chest, hitting him on the shoulder and spraying on his pecs, then slowly dribbling down in thick streams because the lads catch his breath back.

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