HardBritLads – James Dixon & Scott Spencer

Extra hung horny lad James Dixon and Scott Spencer start away in sports kit. They grope each other because they kiss. James lifts his vest to get Scott to lick and suck on his nipples, then switch. James has a good suck on Scott’s nipples whilst squeezing his bulge. They take off their tops before pulling down each others shorts for better awareness of each others goods. Both lads match pretty hefty bulges inside their own white undies, and after some horny groping and much more nipple sucking, the undies come off. James has a enormous dick, thick and veiny, uncut with tons of foreskin. Scott boils down to business, trying to suck deep however, the girth on James’s huge meat proves to be a struggle. However, it doesn’t stop James from wanting to take more down his throat, as James grips his head to create Scott fight a bit. Next, James noshes down on Scott’s big throbbing cock, making it good and wet with tons of spit and sucking on it deep, taking it to the back of his throat, giving Scott a good penis servicing. The lads kiss a little more, then James stands to receive sucked back again. Scott gets down on his knees and also jerks James off, then getting the ending wet with tons of spit before wrapping his lips around for longer horny sucking. He gets a good effort to suck deep and James pushes it farther by fucking his mouth. Very sexy! The lads are on the couch now, with Scott on his spine, legs back, letting James focus with his hairy hole. He spits liberal numbers onto Scott’s arse, massaging it in his hole, then slipping a finger in and outside. He pushes his hard dick up between his legs as James ramps it up by adding two fingers to really stretch this hole. Willing to get fucked, Scott leans against the couch with James supporting him. He teases Scott’s hole for a bit, poking and prodding, then pushes his penis completely in. Deep. He fucks slow and nice to start, letting Scott have used to the length and girth, then fucks shallow revealing lots of length. James builds up speed, fucking tougher, and also for quite a while. Next, James is on his back, holding his dick vertical. Scott squats over it, facing us, getting the hint in. Then he slides all of the way down the fat fuck pole. He slides it, slowly at first, and as before, their or her own dick throbs reliable during. He speeds up, then James grasps his butt cheeks and holds him so they could push his cock upward into Scott, fucking tougher. Then he goes up a gear, giving him a rigorous, fast thumping. Perhaps not exactly done, they move for a 3rd position, together with Scott on his rear to the couch, James kneeling. He pushes his penis back in Scott’s sexy hairy hole, also gets back to some thrusting actions, getting Scott closer and closer, till he can’t hold off any longer. He jerks off at his throbbing penis till it spews tons of thick creamy spunk. James pulls out, yanking the condom off, and also goes around to kneel over him. He beats off till he shoots hot cum Scott’s torso. James squeezes out the past couple of drops while the lads catch their breath.

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