HardBritLads – James Regan

Super adorable James Regan is just 18, with handsome, dark capabilities. He tells us how he lost his tastes, his virginity — he enjoys women and lads — then the solo starts. James lays down, massaging the bulge in his sports shorts that are glistening. His shirt is lifted by him, then takes it off. He’s got a body and legs that are smooth. His bulge stiffens since he gropes himself. He grips with it, revealing the contour before pulling his shorts down to us. His dick is rock hard as it strains against the cloth of his tight white cotton briefs. He proceeds to squeeze and stroke, providing little that is adorable appearances to us. The undies finally come off along with his dick springs outside. It’s a fantastic size with a thickness that is good. He plays with it reaches for the oil. Pouring it James rubs it in then starts to knock off, slow and nice. He retains his meat therefore we can find some wonderful close ups, then goes back into wanking. He stands to give us different angles, jerking off over us. Some point of view shots looking down at his penis, and close ups that are sexy. With his dick rock strong, James plays providing us hands free shots from beneath and takes his hands off. James goes back into jerking off and contributes to the couch. His dick throbs much tougher because he continues to work, slow and nice, controlling it. James speeds upward, breathing deep, when he is ready to cum. Unexpectedly the spunk starts pumping, thick and thick, forming pools of jizz inside his pubes, flowing down over his palms. He proceeds draining, and it keeps on coming, loads of it. It’s such a cum shot we see the entire thing in motion. As he grabs his breath that he squeezes out the past couple of drops of sticky cum out of his penis, providing us a little appearance that is final.

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